Low Grav Racer

Low Grav Racer Lite 1.0

Futuristic racing

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  • Looks and plays well
  • Two difficulty levels


  • Only two tracks

Very good

This program can no longer be downloaded

Low Grav Racer is reminiscent of another futuristic racing series that started on the Playstation years ago.

Like its inspiration, in Low Grav Racer you pilot a floating ship around a track against other racers, and along the way you'll pick up power ups to give you a shield, or weapons to attack your competitors.

Control is just a case of rolling the iPhone. Forward to accelerate, left and right to steer, and back to brake. Power ups require a tap to activate, and are well placed for your thumb to easily do that in game. This lite version features two classes, three ships and two tracks.

Low Grav Racer's controls have just the right sensitivity - when you first pick it up they feel a bit too sensitive, but once you're racing, they give you all the maneuverability. The floaty nature of motion control feels just right for a floating vehicle game. Power ups are basic, but enough to make the racing quite dynamic. Like Mario Kart, racing to first place and ignoring power ups isn't the best way to win - you have to aggressively attack and defend to maintain your position.

The graphics in Low Grav Racer are polished, but don't really move fast enough to give you an adrenalin rush of speed like wipEout. It's still an enjoyable racer though, and you can get a reasonable amount of playtime out of this lite version before you get bored with the two tracks.

Low Grav Racer will please any fans of futuristic racing, with its responsive controls, competitive races and flashy visuals.

Low Grav Racer


Low Grav Racer Lite 1.0

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